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I am running a 20% off special on my road-schooling resources download. Get ready for a year full of fieldtripping fun with these great journal pages I have put together.

The road-schooling resource cd or download is loaded with over 60 journal pages to compliment fieldtrips, travel and nature excursions (photo examples below) They are a great way to help document what your children are learning while on the go. Some of journal page topics include: amusement park, aquarium, zoo, beach, cemetery, historical ruins, historic homes, Native American, National park, State park, flower observation, nature scavenger hunts, travel diaries and more....

Hear what others have to say:

"I've never heard a kid complain about Kathy's Journal Pages! I often hear the comments of "just fabulous" "wow" "cool" "Engaging and easy to navigate" "great review tool" from kids and adults."

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