About USA Homeschool Fieldtrips

We are an all inclusive homeschool group that helps support homeschool communities across the USA!

In 2012 we started a little Facebook group for our friend's where we shared about homeschool days, family friendly events, homeschool resources, and more. When we began we had about 100 families. Shortly after starting the group we began organizing our own fieldtrips and we also started teaching various clubs (lego club, junk box wars, art club and more). That small group began to grow and kept growing as word spread throughout the homeschool community. Before we knew it we wsere pearheading the largest homeschool group for the southeast. At our peak we had over 5,000 families! 

When we decided to relocate to Arizona, due to health reasons, we moved Southeast Homeschool Fieldtrips to a public Facebook page so we could continue sharing homeschool resources and supporting the homeschool community long distance. The page took off and we soon reached 11,000 followers! We weren't quite sure what direction we wanted to take after our move. We knew we wanted to continue what we started in Georgia, but did we want to do it all again in our new home? Running a homeschool group is a A LOT of work and the majority of the time it is voluntary. But it is our passion and has become a huge part of us as people. We have put countless volunteering hours, blood, sweat and tears into creating a group with the focus of helping homeschoolers easly find experiential experiences, co-ops, classes, etc for their children, and we couldn't give that all up. So USA Homeschool Fieldtrips was born, and we expanded to help homeschoolers not only in the southeast and southwest, but also the rest of the country. We now have 5 regional groups we manage where we continue our mission to help, support and grow the homeschool community.

As you may have noticed we recently shut down our Facebook pages. The decision did not come lightly. Many have told us that this was a bad decision, but we could no longer justify supporting a company that doesn't have respect for our rights, freedoms and privacy. Some of our family goals are to teach our children to stand up for what they believe in, stand against injustices and to foster human connections. So we have decided to strictly run things from this website to continue our mission. We understand that we are basically starting all over again and we appreciate everyone's support during the transition.  We should have all of the regional pages up and running smoothly by August 2020. Please submit your information if you run a homeschool related/friendly group, co-op, sport team, program, etc. and we will add your group to one of our landing pages. 

Since 2012 we have personally organized well over 200 private fieldtrips for our groups. And we have worked closely with venues to help them target the homeschool community and grow their programming. To date we  have assisted over 250 venues with getting the word out about their homeschool and family programs and we have collaborated with many of them about dates, programming content, costs etc. Learn more about how we can help your venue with advertising on our media page.

Thank you for stopping by!


Kathy Balman

Blogger, fieldtrip expert, social media guru, homeschool speaker, master naturalist, art enthusiast, literacy advocate, hiker and geocacher, shutterbug, traveler, zebra (Ehlers Danlos and POTs)!

We have been homeschooling since 2011 and our kids have never been to public school. Our daughter is 14 yrs old and an aspiring Game Warden and artists. And our son is 12 yrs and an aspiring video game developer and birdwalk guide. We lived in Georgia for 18 yrs before relocating to Tempe, Arizona for health/medical reasons. 

We are unschoolers/roadschoolers and use experiential experiences as our main way of learning. You will generally find us out and about exploring 4+ days a week.

Besides running USA Homeschool Fieldtrips and sharing about homeschool and family friendly events across the country, I also organize private fieldtrips for homeschoolers in Arizona. I also teach/lead art club, science club, book club, zoo club, cultural club, Jr. Ranger club, knowledge fairs and more for Metro Phoenix area homeschoolers.

In addition to running USA Homeschool Fieldtrips, I also run Educating Children Outdoors, a completely outdoor desert education program structured much like the forest schools that are popular in Europe. We have also expanded our programming and now offer environmental classes for groups and non-homeschooling families.

Shortly after we began homeschooling I started  blogging about our homeschool journey and adventures on Kathys Cluttered Mind. You can find product/book reviews, free resources, unit studies, details on how we make unschooling/roadschooling work for us, tips on how to make fieldtripping/traveling more affordable and more on our blog. Unfortunately I don't write much on it anymore  since my mission on how I want to help the homeschool community has changed. But I will be blogging more on the USA Homeschool Fieldtrips and Educating Children Outdoors websites.

Nancy Piper